Ever dreamt of becoming a jouster but realised at the last second that you don’t own a horse? Well, Jousting Time comes to the rescue. Jousting Time is an online multiplayer jousting game showcasing VR players fighting intense duels with interactive spectating features for non-VR players. The game aims at creating a unique experience which bridges the gap between VR and non-VR players.


The first iteration of Jousting Time was born in a JAMNATION League Game Jam 1.03 in fall 2017. Since then, the prototype has been showcased in different public events in Montreal, QC, where the developers are based. Following the positive reception, Trebuchet started to build a demo to launch a Kickstarter campaign and show it at PAX East in April 2018.


  • Competitive multiplayer arcade gameplay with innovative spectating interactions
  • Show off to the crowd!
  • Meet other fellow jousters in the Feast and defy them in the Arena
  • Original control scheme, easy to learn and hard to master !
  • Present on every desktop VR platform !


Kickstarter Teaser #1 YouTube


Awards & Recognition

  • " 1st BEST INNOVATION " JAMNATION Game Jam 1.03
  • " 3rd BEST EXPERIENCE " JAMNATION Game Jam 1.03
  • " 3rd GRAND PRIZE " JAMNATION Game Jam 1.03

About Trebuchet

Trebuchet is a VR studio based in Montreal, QC. We launched Prison Boss VR last August, which was very well received critically (87% on Steam) and won for the Microsoft Dream.Build.Play. contest in the mixed reality category. By combining our expertise in game design and in virtual reality, we are focused on bringing innovative and unique experiences to VR players. We are now launching our upcoming game Jousting Time on Kickstarter, on April 2nd, 2018.
More information
More information on Trebuchet, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Jousting Time Credits

Vincent Brunet-Dupont
Guillaume Duquesne
Technical Director
Alexandre Pernot Lopes
Creative Director
Martin Lavoie
Lead Programmer
Frédéric Constantin
Community Manager
Lucie Le Touze
Graphic Designer