What is Trebuchet?

Trebuchet is a brand new VR studio based in Montreal, QC. By combining our expertise in game design and in virtual reality, we're able to create interesting VR experiences with an emphasis on interaction.

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What can we do for you?

We are interactive content developers for virtual reality specialized in creating gamified experiences as training tools for businesses or actual stylized video games in VR.

We offer to design complete VR softwares and deliver them to your business as a turnkey solution which will upgrade your demonstration or training tools and bring them to the next age.


Guillaume Duquesne


The trebuchets are his babies. He knows if a screw is loose just by hearing the swing of a projectile toward a lone castle. He's the one responsible for assembling new kinds of trebuchets.


Vincent Brunet-Dupont


This guy is in charge of everything. Setting up the trebuchets, making sure everyone is happy with them and also managing the entire operations.


Alexandre Pernot Lopes

Creative Director

What is a trebuchet? How can a trebuchet live and breath, or destroy castle walls? He knows. He drew them. His desk is a mess from which the marvels of tomorrow's medieval siege weapon are born.

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